BOUND: A Fashion Photo Story


Meaning: a leaping movement towards or over something

Fashion Photo Story

Bound is a fashion photo story that represents the way I’ve been feeling for the most of the year. I’ve been in an alternating state of confusion and hope. I’ve been trying to evaluate my position and find meaning in my life while being scared of my choices and where they’ll lead me. I know a few other people have found themselves in this state.

So, I reached out to Ngozi of Dat Red Button fashion (a fashion designer) and told her I that I’d love for her to design outfits for the project. I told her I wanted to explore monochrome stripes.

Fashion Photo Story

I chose monochrome because I felt my mind at the time was without color.

The lines represent a pattern of fear and continuous and endless thoughts.

The Shadows represent the darkness I felt I was in

The lights represent hope. Hope always lurks as I like to believe

Fashion Photo Story

Fashion Photo Story

I chose Lagos Island as a location for the shoot. Lagos Island is one of my favorite places in the city of Lagos, and I remembered a building with a similar facade to the theme of the fashion photo story.

I thought up the most striking poses that would narrate the story. What came to mind was my view while laying down, back to the ground, almost defeated but hoping for a helping hand. Luckily, I came across David Bailey’s shoot for Valentino’s AW15 campaign for inspiration. Oh, how the stars always align!

I probably haven’t created a more meaningful set of images.


Photographer: Obidinma Nnebe

Models – Faith Okafor & Funke Olagunju

Makeup: Amanda Udechukwu

Photography Assistant: Akintunde Odesilo

View more of Obi’s work on Instagram @obi_d

Obi Nnebe

Obidinma Nnebe enjoys expressing himself through photographs according to his perspective. He is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria but available to travel on assignments. Obidinma loves street photography and meets it with people, fashion and architecture. For him, everybody has a story and every picture tells these stories. @obi_d

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