Understanding Your Quarter-life Crisis | Event

Big thanks to everyone who came out for the Clever-ish Magazine UNDERSTANDING YOUR QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS EVENT!

Below are amazing photos from the event of the exceptional attendees and a great panel!

Special Thanks To:

Jiji Majiri Ugboma – Moderator and Panel Member

Natalie Orr – Panel Member

Aaron Jean – Panel Member

Irene Gil Catalina – Guest Co-ordination

Daniela Parkes – Live Streaming (Watch live stream here)

Plazida– Event Space

Loom – Event Space

Melaninja – Photography


Understanding your Quarter-life Crisis is an event put together by Clever-ish Magazine. It’s the first event in the Clever-ish Magazine event series:  Clever-ish Conversations

Location: Madrid, Spain

Calle Vandergoten, 1
28014 Madrid

Date: Wednesday, 10th of July,
Time: 19:00

Event Language: English

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Jiji Majiri Ugboma

Jiji Majiri Ugboma

Writer, Creative Director //Clever-ish Magazine

Jiji is the founder and creative director of Clever-ish Magazine. Born in Nigeria Jiji, lived there for most of her life before moving to the US where she got an MBA and worked in marketing for a while. A few years later, she got a full scholarship for a Ph.D. in Business finance in Madrid, Spain. Jiji had always had a passion for writing and creativity, and she got to a point where she could wait no longer, and so she decided to create a new career path for herself. Soon after starting the Ph.D. program, she dropped out to pursue writing full time and found Clever-ish Magazine. While running Clever-ish Magazine as a creative director, she also works part-time in digital marketing and writing for other publications.

Jiji is a creative at heart and is passionate about helping others navigate their passions and find meaning and purpose in whatever they do. She has made Clever-ish a resource and community that creates the right atmosphere to inspire, learn and start conversations.

Natalie Orr

Entrepreneur and Content Creator // Adult Ballet Community

Natalie is half Scottish and half Cypriot who grew up mainly in the Midlands near Leicester and Nottingham. She has a BA degree in Contemporary Dance and a Masters in Dance Anthropology. She has lived in Madrid and Spain for six years and calls it home.

Natalie moved to Spain with just a suitcase, an English teaching job, and no knowledge of Spanish. She was ready for an adventure. She spent a year dancing salsa and bachata and then decided to try a ballet class for the first time as an adult. This was very out of her comfort zone as it’s difficult to be a beginner at already 25 years old. Soon after, she got addicted to ballet and started training five days a week. She auditioned and got accepted into one of the conservatories  in Madrid and trained there for a year. She then decided to create a ballet Instagram account to track her progress, but the account quickly grew as more people became interested in her journey as an adult ballet dancer. She went on to make a youtube channel and now has an amazing community on both platforms and also a recently launched website adultballetcommunity.com which she built from scratch.

Her life philosophy is, “It’s never too late!”

Aaron Jean

Photographer and Entrepreneur // Aaron Jean Photography

Aaron is an American portrait and headshot photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain with his family.  He is also Creative Director for an online photography magazine, Medium Format Magazine, and co-founder of a startup photography education group, Journal of Seeing.  Originally from Oklahoma, he was raised in Houston, TX. He attended the University of Houston, majoring in Literature and Psychology. After University, Aaron moved to Boston, MA for a change of pace only to get a job teaching English for a private company in Odawara, Japan for 2 years. After finishing his contract in Japan, he returned to Houston to get his life together and accidentally met the love of his life in an Irish Pub, started a career in non-profit fundraising and became a responsible employee, husband, homeowner and then a father.

A medical wakeup call made him realize that his current path would leave him with a few regrets, so he and his wife decided to sell everything they own and move with their son to Europe, eventually settling in Madrid in October 2017 where he is pursuing his passion for photographing people and communication in words and images.

Along the way, Aaron and his wife, Elizabeth, started a small subscription box company in the United States called Cheeky Days Box, a subscription box for parents and families who want to raise responsible, kind and community-oriented human offspring in a world where we prioritize achievement.  They are currently in negotiations with a local partner to start a bilingual box here in Spain. @aaronjeanphotography on Instagram

What is Quarter-life Crisis?

Quarter-life crisis is a period of intense soul searching about career and life choices that often lead to stress, depression, confusion, and feelings of inadequacy. Quarter life crisis manifests in different ways, but more commonly, it manifests in terms of finding a job, career changes, and a need to find one’s passion, creative expression, or entrepreneurial inklings. Quarter-life crisis is quite common among people who have an unconventional or non-linear career path.

At this event, we will explore these topics and more :

  • Can millennials do what they are passionate about and still be able to afford to live a decent life?
  • Can you do what you love on the side and still have a full-time job?
  • Can you live off a creative career?
  • Is it ok to spend the next 20 years in a job you hate for the security of it?
  • Is entrepreneurship the answer?

Why this Event?

Clever-ish Magazine covers topics on quarter-life crisis, particularly as it relates to career decisions and the need for millennials to be creative. This event will provide a space to talk about these topics, share experiences, and inspire one another. From conversation like this, people will hopefully experience moments of clarity on what next steps to take at best and at least, will get an understanding that they are not in it alone.

Event Target Audience

This event is for you if:

  • you have a well-paying job, but you feel uninspired and dead inside
  • you have a creative job/career, but you don’t make nearly enough
  • your current job is only temporary but not sure what to do next
  • you have a masters degree but are currently in an unpaid internship or under-paid position
  • you’ve changed jobs/industries more than twice in the last year
  • you are thinking of getting a master degree but you’re not sure in what or even why
  • you work in a creative field
  • you want to work in the creative field
  • you are an entrepreneur
  • you want to be an entrepreneur
  • you are a recent college graduate
  • you are a digital nomad
  • you’ve been working for the past 5+ years, but you have no savings and are still too broke to afford a spontaneous soft pretzel
  • you went through a quarter-life crisis but figured it out (please come to the event to  help me fix my life share your experience and tips)
  • all curious minds of all ages!

This is not a coaching event but rather an event to have meaningful discussions, share ideas and receive suggestions and guidance on how to tackle all the questions you’ve been trying to answer internally.


  • A brief intro to Clever-ish Magazine
  • A Panel led discussion (Panel to be announced)
  • Q&A: Pre-planned questions on topics discussed and questions from the audience
  • Goal Setting Exercise: For the goal setting exercise we are going to pass out a Goal Sheet where attendees can write down career/life 5 goals or less that they want to achieve in the next 3 months along with actionable steps to take.


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