The Sisterhood Project–A Photo Story

The Sisterhood Project started out as a test shoot with  Nyanjam for a different project. After planning the test shoot with Nyanjam, I added Chloe the MUA for the other project I had planned. Then I ended up adding Tasha, then Temi. I went thrifting for the first time with Temi, all I had in mind was a green turtle neck, but eventually we ended up with a cohesive style centered around this color scheme.

The Sisterhood project found me and not the other way around.

While shooting, using elements in the studio, incorporating lighting and shadows, watching how the models worked together, the energy they emitted,  it dawned on me what we were creating.

I finalized the concept during post-edit and got the models to share their input on what Sisterhood meant to them and just like a puzzle it all came together beautifully.

I share this to say that sometimes we choose our projects and sometimes they choose us so I try to stay open minded and ready to receive inspiration.

Sisterhood is individuality.
Sisterhood is synchronicity.
Sisterhood is safe.
Sisterhood is bond.
Sisterhood is acceptance.

What is Sisterhood to you?

James Omorodion


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