Clever-ish is a Quarter-life crisis magazine.

Cleverish Magazine

Clever-ish is a Quarter-life crisis magazine.

Clever-ish Magazine is here to help you navigate your quarter-life crisis and feed your creative curiosities.

The quarter-life crisis is common among young people and manifests as a period of intense soul searching and sometimes confusion. It is often triggered by indecisions about a career or job and other life choices like navigating creative or entrepreneurial inklings, friendships & relationships, finances, and even ideologies.

Having a Quarter-life crisis leads to stress, depression, confusion, and feelings of inadequacy due to the expectations placed on you by society, family, peers, and even yourself. 

Based on this description, would you say that you are going through a quarter-life crisis? If so, Clever-ish Magazine has the right content for you.

Here you will find insightful articles on creativity, entrepreneurship, self-care, burnout, personal growth, money matters, career advice, and more. We also feature candid interviews and inspirational stories of creatives and entrepreneurs who have learned to overcome their quarter-life crisis.

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Our audience is made up of individuals with curious minds who love to explore alternate passions in a society that’s not structured for that. They are innovative thinkers who are daring and brave enough to challenge the status quo of what’s considered work and create a more colorful, yet riskier path for themselves. They are millennials who despite maybe having a day job, still explore their creative passions and work twice as hard to share their gifts with the world. They are trendsetters, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and game-changers.

Welcome to the team!

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Hi, I’m Jiji, and I’m the founder and creative director of Clever-ish Magazine! I’ve started Clever-ish Magazine because of my love for creativity and self-expression, and it’s been a long time coming! I was born in Nigeria and lived there for most of my life. Many years ago, I packed my bags and moved to the United States. During my time in the US, I went to business school and got my MBA, I also worked in research, non-profit, and online marketing all while nursing my desire to be a full-time writer. A few years ago, I moved to Madrid where I started to pursue my dream as a writer and creative. Two years ago I packed up yet again and moved to New York! My cross-continental experiences have definitely played a huge role in the person I am today. I’ve developed a sort of subtle third culture identity and growth in self-awareness that has fed into my desire to be creative.

Clever-ish Magazine is the seamless merging of my skill-set and my pain point. I am a writer and entrepreneur and I’m also a millennial going through a quarter-life crisis. As someone who has had an unconventional career path, I’ve spent most of my twenties globetrotting with wide-eyed excitement and a steady flow of confusion.

As the Creative Director of  Clever-ish, I plan to stay away from underwhelming and dishonest content and bring you the most refreshing online experience to inspire you and help you navigate your quarter-life crisis. This is my solemn pledge – one hand on chest, cup of coffee in the other hand. Find me on Instagram @Jiji129 2019