We serve as a resource and community dedicated to helping Millennials and Gen Z  navigate their quarter-life crisis.

We do this by covering and discussing issues spanning self-discovery, mental health (anxiety, burnout, mindfulness), career progression, creativity, relationships, financial literacy, self-development, and more.

Founded: 2017
Location: New York, NY

Advertising & Partnerships

Clever-ish magazine is home to an ever-growing Millennial and Gen Z audience. Partners reach our audience through native advertising, sponsored posts, event sponsorships, and digital campaigns spanning several social channels. Our top partner industries are higher institutions, wellness and mental health, digital-native brands, SAAS, publishing houses, lifestyle brands, co-working and community spaces, and other new-age brands.


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Jiji Majiri Ugboma

Hi, I’m Jiji, and I’m the founder and creative director of Clever-ish Magazine! I’ve started Clever-ish Magazine because of my love for creativity and self-expression, and it’s been a long time coming! I was born in Nigeria and lived there for most of my life. Many years ago, I packed my bags and moved to the United States. During my time in the US, I went to business school and got my MBA, I also worked in research, non-profit, and online marketing all while nursing my desire to be a full-time writer. A few years ago, I moved to Madrid where I started to pursue my dream as a writer and creative. Two years ago I packed up yet again and moved to New York! My cross-continental experiences have definitely played a huge role in the person I am today. I’ve developed a subtle third-culture identity and growth in self-awareness that has fed into my desire to be creative.

Clever-ish Magazine is the seamless merging of my skill-set and my pain point. I am a writer and entrepreneur and I’m also a millennial going through a quarter-life crisis. As someone who has had an unconventional career path, I’ve spent most of my twenties globetrotting with wide-eyed excitement and a steady flow of confusion.

As the Creative Director of  Clever-ish, I plan to stay away from underwhelming and dishonest content and bring you the most refreshing online experience to inspire you and help you navigate your quarter-life crisis. This is my solemn pledge – one hand on chest, cup of coffee in the other hand. Find me on Instagram @Jiji129 2019 


Get important life advice to keep you self-aware, grounded, reflective, and above all inspired and excited about your life.