The Quarter-life Crisis Newsletter


By Jiji Ugboma

The QLC Newsletter tackles key topics that are typical stressors for an adult's quarter-life crisis.

Every week you’ll get advice, insight, and unique perspectives on issues like finding your purpose, self-actualization, job dissatisfaction, mental health, relationship issues, money anxieties, and more.


I write this newsletter to provide comfort and a sense of community to Millennials and Gen Z who have a growing and sometimes overpowering desire to get more out of life. This is for those still figuring it out and sometimes feel like a mess. 


Hint: You’re not a mess!



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What people are saying about the newsletter...

~Jiji, thank you so much for your work and the newsletters you've been sending out. So nicely said and it brought tears to my eyes!~



~Reading your newsletter is like meditation. It's a relaxing experience for me.~

~Haha! Frenemies! I really enjoyed this newsletter Jiji, it was so easy to read, relatable, and funny. Thank you really. I'm looking forward to reading the next one about rekindling old friendships. I'd also be interested in your thoughts about professional friendships.~


~Your newsletters are so well written and thoughtful. I forwarded to a dozen friends. I can't wait for the next one. Bravo!~



~I'm reading this and I love the proverb "20 children cannot play together for 20 years"~


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