Plaid On Trend: How to Style the Check Print

If you haven’t noticed the rise of the check trend then perhaps you’re not paying close attention. The plaid or checkers print started creeping back into the fashion world late 2017 and by the end of the last fashion week, it became one of the most current fashion trends

PLAID ON TREND: HOW TO STYLE THE CHECK PRINTPlaid/check has graced almost every runway and designer lookbook. Now you can find this jackets, skirts, cigarette pants, overcoats and even earrings in this print. There’s something about the checkers print juggernaut hitting the shop aisles and fashion world that lures a certain appeal. When a certain fashion trend becomes overly popular, some people tend to stay away from it but that’s not the case with this trend. There is an air of je ne sais quoi sophistication that comes with donning this print. Maybe it’s because of it’s minimalist vibe (which is also in trend) or because of it’s similarity to mod style or vintage fashion. Whatever it is, it’s pulling people to it, myself included. It’s almost impossible to overdo it but everything does have rules. So what are the rules of wearing this print and how can you style it? Below are some ideas on how to style the check print that you’ll love.

Start with a Blazer

How to Style the Check Print

This is probably the most common check item so far and it’s easy to get and easy to style. Throw it over a pair of denim pants and a tee and you’re good to go. The plaid blazer elevates and keeps your outfit on trend.

Try an Overcoat and simple denim

It’s fall and though it might not feel like it sometimes (thanks, weather!) it’s ok to start doing your fall shopping. A check overcoat is one way to dedicate to this trend. Get one in white and black like the overcoat pictured above for ease of styling or get other hues it will still go well with most of what you already have in your closet.

Pop of Color

How to Style the Check Print
Style Stalker

This check print mostly comes in cool hues so it’s easy to pair it with a pop of color say yellow or red. It elevates the look immediately and makes your outfit stand out.

Pants and a Simple/Plain Blouse

How to Style the Check PrintDailyMail

If you’re donning a pair of checker pants, it’s safe to say your work is almost complete. Checkers make a huge statement by themselves so all you need is a simple blouse, t-shirt or oversized sweater like the one worn by Victoria Beckham above and you’re good to go.

Dress and Undershirt

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If you’re feeling courageous and preppy this is one way to make that show. The plaid/check dress kills three birds with one stone: It’s a plaid- vintage-mod look.

With a Graphic Tee

How to Style the Check Print

Graphic tees are the future and they are as on-trend as any other clothing item right now. This is a perfect way to mix two trends and get away with it.

Two-Piece Wonder

How to Style the Check Print

Gone are the days when a two-piece was considered too elderly or ancient. A plaid pant, skirt or shorts two-piece is always a fashion-forward and sophisticated look.

Do you have other ways of styling this print? Comment below

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