8 Ways to Wear Black and White Plaid this Season

The power of plaid has taken over the streets with a new sumptuous flourish. These black and white plaid beauties are a snazzy resource that you’ll want in your wardrobe.  Plaid pants – yes, check trousers if you are British, are an absolute MUST this season.

According to the Parisian style barometer, the allure of black & white is unflappable. Chanel’s classic deluxe suits and dazzling sailor stripes timelessly exude opulent inspirations for eternal grandioseness.

Black and White Plaid

The glamor-glories of black of white are as amazing simple as they are versatile. All credit to Piet Mondrian, the Dutch painter, for showing us how black and white can hold, balance and compliment bold colors beautifully. Tot up your style credit by adding emerald green, ruby red, bright yellow, electric blue or go-with-everything mustard and even pink. You are an up-to-the-minute fashionista.

Black and white effortless style has never been easier. Roll them out day and night through the winter months with multi-sided crackerjack styling. And here’s how…

The Preppy Look

Black and White Plaid

For steadfast styling go all out Ivy League prep. Tailoring is key here with a jacket, leather bag, shirt and sweater (note jumper!)- and all ironed if you please. Ditch the jeans and add the plaid showcasing your ankles in just-washed socks. A pair of freshly polished loafers or tennis sneakers (trainers), a pair of oversize specs and a side plait are all you need to catapult this look. Squeaky-clean has never looked so smooth. Meet you in the library!

With Ankle Boots

Black and White Plaid
Image source: Sweetstyle.co

The world has gone crazy for this look and why not? They give skirts, dresses and jeans the, ‘meow factor’.  Mix them with your new plaid pants to create blatant fashion flair. This outfit choice is tranquility in action. And it’s all about the ankle, so roll them up and show them off. Prrrrr.

Don your denim jacket

Black and White Plaid
Image source: Shopstyle.it

With a huge nod to clashing, your tailored plaid pants plus your screwed up sat on, old denim jacket are a wonderful pairing. Add a hat, t-shirt, patterned silk neck scarf or literally whatever. This unbalanced look strikes a cord of kinship and opposite affinity and so it works with anything. Cool as a cucumber!

With a Biker Jacket

Black and White Plaid

More juxtapositioning with a biker leather jacket. The beauty of this pairing is in comparing and contrasting the neat with the edgy.  The result is a raspingly sexy and full of attitude outfit.  Ding dong!

Add a pop of Color

Black and White Plaid
Image source: Graceandpoise

Indulge in a dynamite splash of color to highlight the boldness of this look.  Bright pink, green, yellow, mustard, red or blue. Pick your favorite hue and wear it with flair. Hello, sunshine!

Consistently Monochrome

Black and White Plaid
Image source: garypeppergirl

Epitomise this look and wear head to toe black and white. A smart choice would also be to add a touch of grey or different black/white pattern to keep this unstoppably style-savvy. Checkmate!

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