Summer Style: Yellow is the Stand Out Color of This Summer

Yellow never goes unnoticed and this fits in well with current times. This generation loves to make bold fashion choices and stand out. Maybe it’s because we are the social media generation, maybe it’s because more people are loving themselves more. Whatever the reasons, I’m glad it’s happening. And nothing says bold, bright and beautiful like Yellow outfits.

An ode to the color yellow:

Yellow is in season and it’s here to stay
Yellow is bright and it’s meant to slay
Yellow in the summer, yellow to play
Yellow Yellow Yellow
Yellow 🙂

Below are outfit ideas and style inspirations (with shopping links) to help you add yellow to your summer wardrobe and stay bold!

1. Sophisticated Yellow Lace Blouse 

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Get it Here.

2. Flowing and Elegant Yellow Summer Maxi Dress

Get it Here

3. Bold and Daring Yellow Scarfs and Head Wrap

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Get it Here

4. Toned Down and Colorful 

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Get it Here

5. Your Nails want to be bold too 

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Get Nail Polish Here

6. Simple and Elegant Sun Dresses

Get it Here and  Here

7. You can never go wrong with a Statement Tee

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Get it Here

8. or have too much Lace

Get it Here

Feature Image Credit: @cynthianyongesa and @manae_0118

What are your thoughts on the color yellow? Comment below.

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