Fall Fashion Trends – Must-Haves and Outfit Ideas

Fall is here! Though the days still fluctuate between fall weather and the all too familiar summer heat, I think it’s safe to say it officially fall. It’s time to bring out our favorite sweaters and booties previously kept away in storage bins and suitcases and fold up the swimsuits. Now is also a good time to start the fall shopping as stores are beginning to stock up on new designs. New York Fashion Week presented us with 2017/2018 trends that have a sophisticated air about them. Trending items like the midi skirt or cropped pants are an excellent representation of high fashion meeting street style and I’m here for it. Not to worry about pulling off the runway looks in your everyday life, it’s easy to do if you know what to look for. Below, I’ve documented ways you can make the Fall fashion trends work for you. As you shop for new items and restyle old ones, keep in mind these fall fashion must-haves and styling tips.

Midi Skirt

Fall Fashion Trends 2017

The Midi Skirt has been around for a while and this is a testament to its transitional nature. It’s a fashion item that gets reinvented each season and each decade. They are perfect for the fall months but can be worn all year round. There are various ways to style the midi, you can pair them with a sweater and a pair of booties when it’s particularly chilly or with a t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers for the sunny fall days. Keep in mind the color palette of your wardrobe when buying one and if it’s your first midi, maybe stick to a neutral color like black so it’s easier ease into and style with what’s already in your closet.

Cropped Pants

Fall Fashion Trends 2017Asos

Cropped pants scream high-fashion and can easily be styled to sophistication. Cigarette cropped pants have been around for a while but the trendy wide-legged silhouettes recently gained popularity and rightfully so. Pair the wide legged cropped pants with a blazer for a trendy take on a suit or with a casual blouse or t-shirt for a high fashion inspired street-style look. They are also a way to show off your boots. It’s a win-win.

Plaid Inspired

Fall Fashion Trends 2017Thefashionspot

Plaid graced the runway countless times during the just ended New York Fashion Week. Plaid or checkers have crept back into the limelight of late but they’ve always been in style. The white and black plaid is more common and they are also easier to style. You can get a plaid blazer and pair it with denim or leather or you can simply rock a plaid earring from Zara. There are many ways to go with this trend.

Shearling lined Jackets

Fall Fashion Trends 2017Diego Zuko

You know, sometimes you have to wear uncomfortable items for the sake of fashion but a shearling-lined jacket is not one of those items. This fall fashion trend combines coziness, comfort, and sophistication.

The Overcoat

Fall Fashion Trends 2017Thefashionspot

The overcoat usually comes as an afterthought when putting together an outfit but it doesn’t have to be so. The overcoat is back on trend with new variations that are fashion statements on their own. To spice things up, you can get the kimono-inspired robe coat or a very colorful long coat which will serve as a statement piece and also keep you warm.

Oversized Sweaters

Fall Fashion Trends 2017Getty

My love for oversized sweaters cannot be overstated. The cozy knit sweaters are a must-have in your fall closet. They are easy to throw in and give that effortless yet stylish ambiance. They can be styled with a pair of jeans for that girl-next-door look or with a midi skirt or even over a dress if you’re feeling adventurous. I’ll have one in every color(except lime green) if I could.

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