How to Submit Your Freelance Articles/Pitches to Clever-ish Magazine

We think it’s amazing that you want to write for Clever-ish Magazine! We are always open to featuring new and unique voices and creative works to our readers. Please read the guidelines below that detail the kinds of articles we accept and the process you need to follow to submit your work.

Every submitted article to Clever-ish must include:

  • An appropriate heading
  • An article of nothing less than 900 words
  • If applicable, accompanying photos with the right sources
  • Articles should contain subheadings as is customary with Clever-ish style of content (except for personal essays)
  • Any relevant sources
  • Your photo and bio/byline

*If we decide to publish your piece we will reach out with further requests.

Below are the types of articles we accept and in what sections

Quarter-life Crisis

We are currently accepting submissions under this topic. The article could be a thought peice, a personal essay (with important takeaways, or a reported piece with appropriate sources. Topics should fall under

  • Millennial life
  • Navigating relationships and friendships
  • Career changes
  • Adulting
  • Self-care
  • Finances/Saving

Example of quarter-life crisis articles that have appeared on Clever-ish:


Entrepreneurship and Creativity

We are currently accepting submissions that fall under the topics of

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelancing
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Start-up culture
  • Productivity

Example of Entrepreneurship and Creativity articles that have appeared on Clever-ish:


Culture and Lifestyle

We are currently accepting the following types of submissions for culture and lifestyle topics.

  • First-person essays about literature and identity pieces about your relationship to literature.
  • Reported pieces about a book/author related topic with relevant sources
  • Author profiles
  • Book reviews (preferably a listicle of at least five books)
  • Podcast reviews ((preferably a listicle of at least three podcasts)
  • In-depth review of a documentary, movie, TV series that has relevant cultural takeaways
  • Unique takes on current trends in lifestyle and culture
  • Coverage or review of new books written on culture topics pertinent to millennials, creativity, quarter-life crisis, and current and widely discussed cultural and social issues.

Examples of culture-related articles that have appeared on Clever-ish:



If you know someone (preferably a millennial or someone that does work directly relevant to millennials) that should be featured on Clever-ish, we want to hear about them! For interviews and profiles, we accept only pitches. Please do not send in an already completed piece or already conducted interview. Include the following in your pitch:

  • A sample headline for the piece
  • The name of the individual and their relevant pages (website, social media, their work, etc.)
  • A 2-3 sentence description of the angle of your piece
  • Your plan for photos


Photography and Photo Stories

For photostories, we accept only pitches. Please include the following in your pitch:

  • The title of your photo story
  • A sample of 3 or 4 photos that would be in the photo story
  • A 2-3 sentence description of the angle of your photo story

Examples of photo stories that have appeared on Clever-ish:


Please note:

  • Clever-ish does not pay for any contributions
  • All submitted pieces will have the author’s photo and their relevant bio underneath as well as any personal links
  • Any piece submitted to and eventually published Clever-ish must not be duplicated or published in another platform or blog (this includes your blog and medium page)
  • You can share the link to your published peice on any online and social media platform


Contact: Send all submission to


Jiji Majiri Ugboma

Creative Director

Jiji is a writer and self-acclaimed creative enthusiast. Her writing can be best described as heartfelt creative non-fiction. She writes opinion essays on social issues, current affairs, and her on-going quarter-life crisis. She has an MBA degree, a knack for entrepreneurship, and a love for Coffee and Chocolate desserts.