London: Its Streets, Its Soul

The city of London is a unique landscape to practice street photography. While living in London, I was lucky to participate in the exciting and challenging Bleeding London project. The Bleeding London project was inspired by Geoff Nicholson’s Whitbread short-listed novel Bleeding London. I and other photographers got to showcase the exhilarating diversity and beauty of the seventy thousand (70,000) streets in London. These are some of my photos from the Bleeding London Project.

The streets of londonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of Londonstreets of londonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of London

Walking down every single street in my London neighborhood, while keeping my eyes sharp and focused in order to find something worth photographing was an exciting and attractive quest I was happy to be part of.

Streets of LondonLondon: It's Streets, it's SoulLondon: It's Streets, it's SoulStreets of London

As a photographer, there are few challenges more compelling than capturing the streets. The streets represent a world full of great and endless opportunities: every corner could be the location for a masterpiece photograph. You have to take this photograph just at the right moment when all the possible elements inside the frame are perfectly composed.

While shooting in the streets, it’s great to visit a completely new place, where your senses are revived by new subjects and even more challenging to find new and interesting things where you have been before.

Streets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of LondonStreets of London

To capture the perfect moment and uncover the soul of the street, one needs perception, reflexes, intuition, and the skill to predict how your subjects will interact within the composition a moment before it happens. This is part of the intense training that a photographer undergoes while doing street photography, and that is why as a portrait photographer street photography remains part of my personal projects. It just makes me better.


All photos by Antonio Caballero

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Antonio Caballero

Antonio Caballero has been carving his career as a photographer while exploring the deep secrets of life, a constant motivation due to his training as a microbiologist. He has been shooting for several years, either lab samples with a microscope or real-world subjects with a 35mm camera, in the many places he has had the chance to live: Spain, US, Germany, Sweden or the UK. He experienced the joys of being a “flaneur” as street or travel photographer until he specialized in portrait and lifestyle photography. For him, there is nothing more exciting than trying to capture the best essence of a person through a camera, creating portraits aimed to become long-standing memories.