10 Ways To Get Over The Creative Rot That Comes With Winter

A snuggly couch, a soft blanket, a hot cup of coffee or tea, and a cheesy Netflix holiday movie all sound like my autobiography for the past two months. The moody, cold, dark, and dingy weather has put me in some sort of fugue state. And maybe you too…

Sad puppy in a blanket

If you live in a cold climate, you probably can relate as the cold weather has led most creative people to retreat indoors and into themselves.  In times as this, freelancers or those with no fixed work schedule might find it harder to stay creative

Instead of letting the weather and environment define your mood and enthusiasm, try to create a routine that helps you get over your creative rot while also taking advantage of the snugliness of the season. The list below is supposed to help you do that.

Have a Tea/Infusion Daily Routine

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Or twice a day if you must. Having a hot or warm beverage will help jumpstart your system and get your insides feeling a little warmer than your environment. Teas are also soothing and would get you to relax and be chill without slouching on the couch all day. Try some tea flavors like mint, chamomile, earl gray, lemon, or cinnamon. You can also mix it up with some warm apple cider or hot chocolate with mint and chocolate chips. Yum

Make Your Space Intentional

Clear out your desk, reduce clutter and get a cute lamp to illuminate your home office. Make your workspace more intentional by putting effort into how it’s set up. This will make you more willing to get work done when you don’t particularly feel like it.

Make a Creativity/Good Vibes Playlist

There’s nothing like the perfect song to get you going. Think about creating a new playlist, check out a new artist or even listen to your workout playlist. Whatever it takes to get you going! You can check out our Creative Revival Playlist here or look for artists that inspire or motivate and listen in as you go about your day.

Stick to Your Schedule even though it’s Dark

So now it gets dark around 5 pm. While ignoring how creepy that is, don’t let that define your day. Our instinct is to call it a day once it’s dark, but right now that’s just too many hours to be left doing nothing. If you are a freelancer or work remotely try to stick to your schedule even if it’s dark out. You’ll be cheating yourself of some good work hours if you let the Daylight Savings define your schedule.

Get Some Exercise

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Get moving. Exercise releases a chemical called endorphins which make you feel relaxed, positive. It makes you willing to do your tasks with more enthusiasm and zest. Also, going outside also gives you a chance to breathe in fresh air and get some natural light both which have a positive impact on your mood.

Practice Positive Self-Talk and Reinforcement

u is special, u is kind, u is important

It can be easy to get into a negative funk when you keep thinking about all the things that are wrong. Focusing and obsessing on the not so great things can keep you in a perpetual cycle and loop of negativity and stress. It can also lead to you having a victim mentality, and it just goes downhill from there. Get your self out of this by making extra effort to recognize the good things around you. Get motivated by your environment, watch inspirational videos, read quotes, get your vibe up. You can also practice grateful journaling where you write down things you are thankful for at the end of each day. Doesn’t matter how small or inconsequential, write it down and let your mind focus on those positive things.

Take a Hot Shower First Thing in the Morning

If you work from home or have no immediate need to leave the house in the morning, take a shower first thing anyway. A warm shower will help jumpstart your system and reduce the need to snuggle up in bed all morning. Get dressed like you have somewhere to be and you’ll trick your brain to be in a more active mode. A cold shower does the same thing too (if you are that kind of weirdo that takes cold showers)

Get Accessories for the Rain/Snow

it's snowing outside and there's a girl with an umbrella

Get a snow boot, get a raincoat, get an umbrella. Whatever is most convenient get it, so the rain does not disrupt your day. You’re less likely to decide to stay in if you have the right gear to go out of the house and brace the extremities.

Get a Snuggly Sweater

In addition to rain gear, get the right kind of clothes for the season. Get a soft sweater that keeps you comfortable and warm while you get work done. You’re more likely to get out from under the covers if you know you’re going to be getting into a sweater that feels like soft clouds. You can wear your snuggly sweater every day if you want. 

Talk About It

Talking about it does not mean complaining. And complaining sometimes is necessary. Get it off your chest. If you feel unnecessarily moody, maybe even depressed, or overly anxious, talk about it with your friends and loved ones. Nag about it if you must but then once you get it off your chest get out of the house and go create something amazing!


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Jiji Majiri Ugboma

Creative Director

Jiji is a writer and self-acclaimed creative enthusiast. Her writing can be best described as heartfelt creative non-fiction. She writes opinion essays on social issues, current affairs, and her on-going quarter-life crisis. She has an MBA degree, a knack for entrepreneurship, and a love for Coffee and Chocolate desserts.