6 Places You Can Find Creative Inspiration Online

There’s usually a self-limiting assumption that true creativity has to occur in a spontaneous and grandiose way – the quintessential light bulb moment.

But it isn’t always so.

Creative inspiration also comes from steady and diligent processes of discovery and learning. To maintain your drive, inspiration, and birth more ideas, it helps to consume creative, inspirational continuously, and innovative content. Below are some places you can find them online.

Creative Mornings  (Talks, Podcast)

Creative Mornings is a breakfast series talk show for the creative community. Think of it as Ted Talk but on topics curated specifically to address your creative needs. There are talks and podcasts by creative individuals and leaders in the community covering a global monthly theme such as Courage, Anxiety, commitment, etc. This months topic is Intention. You can also attend the events and talks if they are in your city.

The Creative Independent (Website)

The creative independent is in their own words “ a growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people.” They publish interviews of working artists and creatives and a bunch of other content that will keep you inspired.

The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

You’ve probably heard of Tim Ferriss the author of the Best Selling Book “The Four Hour Work Week. His podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show” is a great resource for anyone seeking to be inspired or seeking a creative jolt. The podcast features interviews of “world-class performers” in a variety of fields as Tim dives deep to find out their origin stories, what drives them, obstacles they’ve faced, etc

Forbes (Website)

If you don’t visit the Forbes website, you should make a habit of it. Forbes constantly produces content that’s becoming increasingly targeted towards the millennial generation. You can read articles on entrepreneurship, startup companies, young founders, and also articles that advice you on managing your career, starting a business, and even self-care.

Panda (Extension, App)

creative inspiration

Panda is a news and inspiration dashboard for the design and tech industry. You can browse through the extension to find design inspiration and new and exciting projects going on around the world. It’s available as both a Chrome extension and an app.

Clever-ish Magazine (Website)

Clever-ish magazine is a digital platform with content curated to inspire the creative millennial and provide guidance as you navigate through your quarter-life crisis. If you’re a regular to this site- nice to see you again! If you’re new, you should browse some of our most recent articles and interviews 


Jiji Ugboma

Editor in Chief

Jiji is a writer, entrepreneur, and digital marketing specialist based in New York. She writes about personal development, self-actualization, mental health, and creativity as they relate to the quarter-life crisis experiences of millennials and gen-z. She has a deep love for quirky podcasts, coffee, and chocolate desserts.

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