Part of Me – A Poem

Cleverish Magazine Quarter-life Crisis

I thought I could find a way to make it without you

I keep hitting roadblocks at every stop

To get a smooth trip I must stick to my old lane

Focus on the map even though it seems cumbersome

I felt I could keep away so long

I was torturing my soul

It keeps screaming out for you every day

I need it to be at ease

Could you give it a place to relax in your beautiful heart?

I have deprived myself of inner peace

My sanity has been chained with no air

I feed my thoughts with fallacy

Thinking I can escape from your warmth I call bondage

The print you left on my skin has melted deep into me

It holds strong to my veins

I find it hard to flush you out my system

Do you know what it means?

You have been a part of me

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Toby Oboba

Toby is a full-time Lawyer and a part-time Poet.

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