How to Style Fishnet Tights fo

Fishnet tights are officially in– they have made their re-appearance in the fashion scene starting Fall/Winter 2016. And probably like many of you, I was looking at celebrity pictures and wondering if I could ever pull them off. With the intention to start a fashion blog/YouTube channel this year, I told myself I needed to step out of my comfort zone and be more adventurous with fashion; not only to find out what I like and don’t like but also to share the experience with others. With that being said, I finally picked up some fishnet tights for myself and now I can’t seem to stop wearing them. I think they are so fun and they definitely add a perfect amount of spice to any outfit.

So below are some inspirations for you to work these tights into your existing wardrobe.

The New Casual

The first way is to wear the fishnet tights under your distressed jeans and have them peeked through the holes in your jeans. Don’t they just make your casual outfit look so much cooler? Yes! Since the outfit is pretty laid back, I want to add another statement piece, so I pair it with my metallic silver loafers. However, if you do not want to be extra like me :P, you can always rock your favorite sneakers with it and I guarantee your sneaker game will reach a new level of cool.

Modern Day “Glass” Booties

Do you have a pair of these perspex shoes/booties? If so, then bam! It’s a perfect way to show off your fishnet tights without being over the top. Since the shoes are a statement themselves, I just put on a basic tee, but not too basic because it is distressed ;). Complete the look with a bomber jacket (and yet again metallic), can we just say chic!

Dress It Up!

Last but not least, why not try replacing your opaque black tights with something edgier, like fishnet tights under your skirts and dresses? Now your whole wardrobe gets a whole new vibe with just one simple piece of accessory. So get yourself some and enjoy! It is not too late for you to embrace this trend.

Stay fabulous friends!

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Amy Ly

Amy Ly is a fashion blogger with an upcoming YouTube channel. Originally from Vietnam, she moved to the United States 9 years ago and graduated last year with her MBA degree. Besides her big girl job in the business world, Amy is a fashion enthusiast and decided to pursue the blogging path to share her passion for fashion with others.


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