Exploring your Creative Side in Today’s Society

This week’s Must-See is a talk on creativity titled Creatives are the Hidden Gems of Society by Andy J. Miller and hosted by Creative Mornings. Andy J. miller is a verbal and visual illustrator who has worked with top brands such as Google, Nutella, converse, IDEO, and Nickelodeon. He also runs his own podcast called Creative Pep Talk.

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Image via andy-j-miller.com

In his talk on Creativemornings, Miller shares his insight and experience on the challenges of being a creative in our society. His talk covers topics like making a living from your passion and getting paid to do what you love.

andy J miller creative mornings clever-ish magazine

Image via Creative mornings

I watched this talk at a time when I was trying to find my way professionally and explore my creativity. Andy J. Miller’s words served not only as encouragement to pursue my dreams but also gave me the bravery to fully embrace my creative and weird side.

“Creatives are a valuable commodity that the world is looking for but doesn’t know how to recognize it” – Andy J. Miller

Watch/Listen to it below


Creative Mornings holds monthly talks held in different cities around the world. Past speakers range from entrepreneurs such as the founder of MBA’s across America Casey Gerald, design legends like the founder of Squarespace  Anthony Casalena.  Find out more about Creative Mornings here.


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