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Lindie and I have known each other for almost three years and our relationship exists within the beautiful space of sister-friend. After Lindie and I met, our friendship quickly grew as we bonded over cups of coffee, brunches and spontaneous visits to Target. I’ve always admired her strength, productivity, and willingness to help people around her be their best selves. From deep conversations, regular life updates, meme exchanges and silly laughs, it’s been a blessing to be her friend and to share life with her.

It’s an honor to feature Lindie and Lindiebeth Photography on Clever-ish Photographer Profiles. She is filled with passion and love for her work and it obviously shines through in her photos. I asked her two questions on why she does what she does and how it inspires her. Take a peep into the world of Lindiebeth Photography and the beauty that lies within.

Clever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

Why did you go into photography?

I went into photography because I believed in the field. I believe that an image can do everything to a human soul. It can elicit a memory, cause an internal reaction or most importantly, connect one to our Heavenly Father. It all began for me when I was a photographer at a summer camp one specific summer. I was taken aback by the reactions of parents to pictures of their children – to be quite frank, they were freaking out and LOOOVING any picture of their children I posted. This caused me to look inside myself and my own thoughts towards the subject: what makes photography so powerful? Why do I even care to capture things?

Clever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

Clever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

And that is just it! It connects a human soul to a beauty we cannot always put into words. It connects us to the realness of life and reminds us that life has a rawness to it. A rawness that usually involves the process. The process that we as humans are always in and a process that the world around is in as it changes from day to day.

Clever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

Clever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

How has been a photographer inspired you as a person and/or changed your perspective on life, people, and yourself?

Photography has allowed me to slow down and pay attention to things. You cannot capture something if you are breezing through it. In my job and practice of the skill, you have to be ever attentive. I am an observant person by nature, but I believe my observation has tightened in with time. I notice the smallest things in a room- usually when it comes to people. The best moments captured are the ones where the photographer was already ready to snap that photo-meaning, they “foresaw” the moment happening.

Clever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

Clever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

“Photography connects us to the realness of life and reminds us that life has a rawness to it”

I believe photography has changed the way I process confidence because the reality is, if you post anything online, it is open for the world to judge. I have had to learn that:

1. I am always in a process and I’m continually on a scale of getting better by the process of fails and victories and

2. What I say is “good” may not be good by someone else’s standards and that is OK. I need to find the healthy balance of loving what I’m doing and being ok with not pleasing everybody.

What a journey of internal learning I have been on! I feel very passionate about the emotional process an artist has to go through to choose confidence because the reality is, regardless of your skill, healthy confidence is possible for each aspiring artist.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Clever-ish Magazine Photography ProfilesClever-ish Magazine Photography ProfilesClever-ish Magazine Photography Profiles

Lindie is a Wedding, Lifestyle, and Family photographer. She’s based in Oklahoma but will travel anywhere to take your photos.

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