10 of the Best Quarter-life Crisis Movies and TV Shows

The best definition of a quarter-life crisis is – a period of doubt, anxiety, disappointment, and insecurity surrounding the career, relationships, financial situation, and general direction in a young adult’s life.

10 of the Best Quarter-life Crisis Movies and TV ShowsA quarter-life crisis is a very common phenomenon, particularly amongst people in their twenties and thirties (millennials and some more and more Genziers) — especially in our busy and rapidly progressing world. With the sheer amount of chaos and life in what seems like an increasingly difficult-to-navigate world, many young adults are finding themselves thrust into a crisis. Movies about being in your 30s and 20s and TV shows capture this phenomenon of adulting well. Some more than others.

This list of quarter-life crisis movies and tv shows makes are some of the most relatable ones out there- and in most cases also very funny. Humor is a good and healthy addition to what would otherwise be anxious life situations like losing your job and not being able to afford rent, experiencing heartbreak, or choosing a career path that your parents don’t agree with. See them below

Quarter-Life Crisis TV Shows

New Girl


The Bold Type




Quarter-Life Crisis Movies

Garden State

The Devil Wears Prada

He’s Not Just That Into You

The King of Staten Island

Reality Bites

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