These are the Most Anticipated Novels of 2023


2023 had some pretty impressive novels hit the bookstore shelves (and Amazon) and 2023 is no different. We’ve already written about some of the captivating and unputdownable novels to get you excited to read and we have more! Ahead are some of the most anticipated novels of 2023. Some are already out and the other are yet to come. Don’t bore yourself with a book you think you’re supposed to be reading and instead indulge your senses in these captivating stories.

Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor (January 3)

This novel has been hailed as a new-age Indian take on “The Godfather”, and is set to be the first installment of a trilogy. Following a crime family, the novel grapples with themes of money, family, power, and lovers. One night in New Delhi, a speeding Mercedes crashes, and five people are dead. It’s a rich man’s car, but the only person left is a shell-shocked servant who can’t explain how he was led to this crime, and he can’t predict what dark twists and turns are about to unfold. 

I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai (February 21)

This novel follows Bodie Kanie, who is content to forget her past; her family trauma, her time at boarding school, and her roommate who was murdered. That is until she is invited back to the school to give a lecture on podcasting. Bodie is drawn to the case again and begins to question if the Police’s rush to convict Omar of the murder may have led them to overlook other potential suspects. It has been described as a slow-burn murder mystery that highlights the dangers of looking into our past. 

Your Driver is Waiting by Priya Guns (March 2)

This debut novel has been hailed as a gender-swapped reboot of the film Taxi Driver. “An electrifying social satire and critique overflowing with despair, love and rage” are just one of the many positive things that have been said about this novel we expect it to impress this year. The novel follows Damani, who after her father’s death is left with the responsibility of supporting herself and her mother. She is tired. Tired of the RideShare App she works long shifts for, tired of the city, tired of the rude customers and tired of trying to survive. Until she meets Jolene, who seems like the perfect girlfriend except for the fact that she’s white. However she is an ally, and Damani decides to overlook it, and their relationship is completely perfect. Until Jolene does something unforgivable. 


What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jimenez (March 7)

When 13-year-old Ruthy Ramirez disappears after track practice without a trace and her family is shattered. The years after her disappearance aren’t easy, and the family struggles with their loss, as well as a new baby. 12 years after her disappearance, Ruthy’s older sister is sure she spots her on TV in a new raunchy reality show. She has red hair and goes by a different name but she is sure that it’s her. The Ramirez family hatch a plan to go on a road trip to where the show is being filmed in an effort to get their sister back. The book deals with themes of familial bonds, generational violence, colonialism, and race. 

The Most-Read Book of 2022

While we wait for these new releases of anticipated books, why not start your 2023 reading with the book everyone loved last year? According to Goodreads, the most-read book of 2022 was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. See our review below:

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. 

When aging Hollywood icon Evelyn Hugo is ready to tell her life story, she chooses unknown journalist Monique Grant and everyone is shocked, including Monique. Nevertheless, this is just the opportunity that Monique has been waiting for. She listens with fascination as Evelyn tells her about making her way to LA in the 1950s, leaving showbiz in the ’80s, and of course the seven husbands the way. 

Just as Monique begins to feel connected to the movie star she finds out that her life is connected to Evelyn’s in tragic and irreversible ways. With the scandal of the early Hollywood era along with the intimacy and tragedy of Hugo’s story, it’s no wonder this was the most-read book of 2022. 

Happy reading.

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