Mindful Vandalism Via Street Art – These Walls Can Talk

Street Art in some ways perhaps will always remain infamous. Its divisive nature is quite unbalanced in the sense that the creators of street art love what they do more than those against street art hate it. Some of the best art works are the ones that evoke an intense emotion, send a message, are subversive or just deeply expressive. A lot of artists start from the streets with murals and graffiti. They are usually driven by a need to express, a wanting to share a story, activism, an indignation or maybe just art students wanting to practice.

Mindful vandalism is not writing “I love Chris Hemsworth” in a bathroom stall or spray painting a misspelled vulgar word on a gas station wall. Mindful vandalism is artists expressing themselves through drawing and leaving an imprint in their neighborhood or community. Street art is free from conformity, debilitating order and it shows the character of a neighborhood, of a city, of an artist. 

In many cases these murals and urban art have historic significance, are political statements, activist movements and serve as tourist attractions. They tell a story, they embody a voice, they are a story. Through it walls indeed do talk.

The Madrid Street art project is an example of a city embracing street art by giving artists a platform display their art while beautifying the city in the process.

Street Art in cities around the world

Paris, France

Mindful Vandalism Through Street Art - Paris FranceMindful Vandalism Through Street Art


London, United Kingdom

Mindful Vandalism Through Street Art - London


 Melbourne, Australia
Mindful Vandalism Through Street Art -Melbourne
New York, New York
Mindful Vandalism Through Street ArtMindful Vandalism Through Street Art -New York
Lodz, Poland
Mindful Vandalism Through Street Art -Poland
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mindful Vandalism Through Street Art Buenos-Aires-Argentina
Bristol, United KingdomMindful Vandalism Through Street Art Bristol
Rio De Janeiro, BrazilMindful Vandalism Through Street Art Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil


Bethlehem, West-Bank
Mindful Vandalism Through Street Art Bethlehem-West-BankMadrid, Spain

Madrid Street Art ProjectMadrid Street Art ProjectMadrid Street Art ProjectMadrid Street Art Project
Madrid Street Art Project





Image Source. Earth Porm, Jiji129

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  1. I love this piece! I’m a huge fan of street art as well. The ephemeral nature of it is always so exciting to me; you never know just how long the piece will last and there’s something so vulnerable and “real” about that. Thanks for sharing these images from around the world!

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