The Bold Type is an Exciting and Thoughtful Show that Gets it Right

Did I find The Bold Type or did it find me? I came across The Bold Type while I was researching summer shows to watch/recommend to my readers of course. After the first episode, I knew I had stumbled upon a gem find! The Bold Type is a Freeform drama comedy set in a high powered fashion magazine out of New York called Scarlet. Does this remind you of any shows or movies? I bet it does. The Bold Type has however managed to distinguish itself from the stereotypical premise of a fashion magazine show. Here’s how

No Mean Boss

The Bold Type Review

Because of past shows with a similar premise, I expected the female boss to be a mean, condescending, and pompous Editor in Chief that instilled fear in the minds of her entire staff.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. In The Bold Type, the boss Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) is a thoughtful and wise leader who gives her much younger staff a conducive work environment to grow professionally. Even when they mess up, she doesn’t write them off or demand perfection. Instead, she reprimands them when necessary and nudges them on to believe in themselves. She even gives them counsel on their personal lives when appropriate or when it seems to affect their performance. This character is a diversion from the stereotypical mean bitch character that’s portrayed in pop culture whenever a female character is in a position of power. It’s the perfect representation of what women in power are and shows the beauty and necessity of female empowerment.

No Villians

The Bold Type Review

It get’s tiring when a show cannot find a better plot than the villain vs self-righteous protagonist going at it. The Bold Type is a well-written show that gives viewers storyline after storyline on the ins and outs of its characters, their work life, personal life, and the environment in which they operate. Each episode has a bold plot line that tackles social issues that some shows will not dare touch on. It also and gives you a better understanding of each character as they make mistakes, navigate their flaws, work, personal life and even social issues. Which brings me to my next point…

No Forced Climax Moment. It’s Just Life

The Bold Type Review

Watching The Bold Type is so relaxing because it’s so authentic. Each episode has real and original storylines about day to day life be it good or bad. It’s hard not to relate to at least one character in this show. There are no forced climax moments, exaggerated scandals or unrealistic drama. It contains real moments. Like one of the characters finding the courage to ask for a pay raise, or the other dealing with internet bullies, or another finding her voice as a writer. The show keeps you hooked with its realness

The Fashion

The Bold Type Review

For the love of all things chic and classy, the fashion in The Bold Type is just so fantastic. Each character has a signature style which you pick up pretty quickly. Outfit after outfit gets you mentally sorting your closet to see how you can replicate the looks. Like how the modern chic style of Kat (Aisha Dee) makes you want to take more fashion risks. From the working girl classy style of Jane (Katie Stevens) and the girl next door effortless style of Sutton (Meghann Fahy), these girls serve real looks. The least you can do is daydream about those outfits, or at most you can let them inspire you on your next shopping trip.

The Bold Type is available to watch online on Freeform

All images sourced from: Freeform

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