Genius: The National Geographic Series on Einstein’s Life

Genius is a National Geographic first ever scripted anthology series set to be released in April. This limited series is based on the critically acclaimed novel Einstein: His Life and Universe written by Walter Isaacson. National Geographic brings the life of Einstien to screen through powerful storytelling. The series follows the brilliant scientist played by Geoffery Rush and Johnny Flynn (older and younger Einstien respectively) as he journeys through his life from his early years to when he develops the theory of relativity, to his emigration to the United States.

Genius National Geographic series
Geoffrey Rush as older Einstein
Genius National Geographic series
Johnny Flyyn as younger Einstein

In the words of the executive producer Ron Howard, “I think audiences are going to be riveted as we tell this ambitious and revealing human story behind Einstein’s scientific brilliance.” Genius doesn’t just cover his scientific contributions but other aspects of his life like his tumultuous love life, and marriage to his second wife Ella Einstein (played by Emily Watson) who was also his cousin. Watching the trailer brings back memories of the movie, The Imitation Game and knowing National Geographic, they will not dissapoint their audience.

Genius is set to Premiere on National Geographic in April 2017.

Watch the Trailer below



Genius National Geographic series
Real Einstein

All images via National Geographic

Tip: There’s a four minute extended clip of Genius when you scroll to the bottom of the National Geographic homepage.

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