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I first came across Mr Wentz’s photography when his work was featured on CNNAfrica’s Instagram page and I was captivated. His photography captures Lagos, Nigeria with precision and gentleness as each photo simultaneously shows the strength and vulnerability of the city. The authenticity and rawness of his pictures are what makes them so special. As a Nigerian who’s been away for some time now, it was a nice to see the city of Lagos translated so artistically.

I was honored to interview Mr Wentz (Eseosa Ikponmwosa) for Clever-ish Photographer Profiles and so I bring to you, our readers, a closer look at the man behind the art.[/vc_column_text]

Mr Wentz (Eseosa Ikponmwosa)
How long have you been a photographer and what made you deiced to go into photography?
I’ve been into photography for about two years now, my sister had an old Nikon camera she never used and so I decided to start playing with it every day. I guess the rest is history…I fell in love.
Your photography always seems to tell a story or bring awareness to an issue for example “Slumdog no millionaire” or “Abandoned in Lagos” project that was featured on CNNAfrica. Why do you go this route?
I always enjoyed telling stories but I’m a horrible writer lol, so I decided to use photography as a medium to talk about issues or people that have been generally neglected. Although my photography is much more than just bringing awareness, I really enjoy capturing the everyday life of people through candid and sometimes posed images.
How has photography changed or influenced your world view?
Photography has made me more conscious of my environment if anything. Before I was a photographer I always seemed to be in a hurry, never paying attention to the people or places I found myself in. But these days it’s all different, Photography has helped me see the good in everything, no matter how ordinary. It has made me appreciate life more, pictures are forever!

All Images by Mr Wentz

Connect with Mr Wentz Photography

Instagram: @themrwentz


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