Spring is right around the corner and even though I’m not one to give up floral design for winter, I think spring is really the season to embrace it. Incorporated with another hot trend, aka embroidery, floral embroidered attire has become all I need for Spring 2017. The choices are limitless as designers have started embellishing every piece of clothing possible: denim jackets, bombers, shirts, jeans, boots, you name it. Anyhow, I am going to share with you some of my favorite floral embroidered clothes and how I style them.

A pop of red

floral embroidery spring fashion trend Clever-ish magazine

One of the reasons why I love floral embroidery is that you can either dress it up or dress down. For who I am as a person, I grab every opportunity to dress up! The first thing I have is an embroidered sweater from Zara. You can simply wear it with a pair of jeans and booties and you are done. Well, that’s the quick and easy way but I wanted more than a casual outfit, so I went with a red skirt and some sock booties. It was an unexpected pairing but I absolutely love how it turned out. I think a touch of red really brings out the floral design and makes the outfit more colorful to fit the spring vibe.

floral embroidery spring fashion trend Clever-ish magazine

Feminine side of spring

floral embroidery spring fashion trend Clever-ish magazine

I know we wear denim all year around so it brings joy to my heart that we have another option – embroidered jeans. In my opinion, floral embroidery is just a perfect touch for spring denim. Another great thing about floral is that there are a few colors in the design itself so you can pick a color to match the rest of your outfit with. As a lover of pastel, I went with a light color top, which is everything I’ve ever wanted – off shoulder, bell sleeves and pink.  To keep the feminine vibe of the whole outfit, I went with some white slip-on heels to complete the look.

floral embroidery spring fashion trend Clever-ish magazine

Blossoms at my feet

floral embroidery spring fashion trend Clever-ish magazine

Well, the embroidery bug has entered my system from head to toe. With my booties covered in floral design, I wanted to keep the outfit somewhat simple and neutral so the shoes get the attention they deserve ;). The result was a light gray ruffled top paired with a black mini skirt.

floral embroidery spring fashion trend Clever-ish magazine

I love that this trend has worked itself off the runway and became more affordable. So if you don’t own any, this is the right time to pick up some floral embroidery clothing for yourself and rock them this spring season.

All photos by Amy Ly

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