10 Useful Email Newsletters Every Creative Should Join

10 Exciting And Useful Email Newsletters for creatives
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There’s something to be said for the thoughtfully penned letter delivered right to your inbox. For many years upon its inception, the newsletter was seen as a form of direct-to-consumer advertising and sometimes, irritating spam. While this is still the case for many companies and brands, newsletters have recently evolved into something more profound.

Below is a list of Newsletters that will add a touch of personality, a smudge of intrigue, and a stroke of convenience to your inbox. Any of them will fill your day with better insight, information, and creative inspiration. If you’re looking to brighten up your inbox, you should sign up for any of these creative newsletters below.

The Hyphen

Emma Gannon has dominated the podcast world, has published three books, and now has her very own newsletter. An advocate for living life with multiple strings to our bows, this monthly newsletter is perfect for those who are interested in living “a life more curious” and she brands it as a place to “join the dots”. Having coined the term Multi-Hyphenate, Gannon believes in being a jack of all trades, pursuing multiple passions outside your day job and side-hustles. You’ll receive this newsletter on the first Sunday of each month, and it will be teeming with tips and tricks of working life, the creative industry, and also freelancing. In addition, there are some article suggestions, podcasts, and book recommendations. Only at it’s beginning, this newsletter is sure to be the must-read of 2020. 

Charlotte Philby’s Writers Bloc

This newsletter was perfectly created to “inspire and inform writers at any part of their journey”. Author and Journalist, Charlotte Philby, wants to share all the advice she has received from those in the publishing industry and throughout her career as a writer, and also to pass on any wisdom and wit she has herself. Only leaving her career as a Journalist to write novels just a year ago, Philby is by no means an expert in the field, unless of course, you count the two novels under her belt and the third on its way. However knowledgeable, her modesty works to her advantage in making the writing world accessible to all, and not to mention the other writer’s comments she will add to the letters henceforth. 

The Newsette

Self-promoted as an “inspiring, informative, and motivating daily update, all wrapped up in a quick, fun-to-read email”, The Newsette does just that. Random snippets of media, news, and popular culture are slotted into this weekday newsletter, from fashion trends to the comeback of eating carbs to Uber recording your awkward small talk with your driver. It’s quick accessibility and eye-catching headlines make it perfect to fill up on news no matter where you are. It’s bright, fun, silly, and keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening, minus the bad stuff. 

The Round-Up

This newsletter is created by the Women Who company, a platform for women who want to work better, to foster environments, and make connections. Created by Otegha Uwagba, author of Little Black Book, you know that it is an essential tool-kit for working women. Unsurprisingly, it’s full of tips, ideas, articles, and recommendations. The Round-Up offers inspiration information, pause for thoughts, and helpful resources. It has been hailed a Wednesday morning pick-me-up, so it’s sure to brighten and energize you for the day. Don’t forget to check out Uwagba’s podcast, In Good Company, which interviews working women to discuss “the good, the bad, and everything in between.”  

Sentimental Garbage

The hilarious, Irish author Caroline O’Donoghue brings her newsletter named after her successful podcast, Sentimental Garbage. Her podcast circles a discussion of a chosen book that has been hailed as Chick-lit, in a bid to reclaim the genre and remove all its negative connotations. The newsletter, however, wittily follows any given topic that O’Donoghue has chosen to pen. It usually relates to pop culture or modern life, and always has her classic satirical undertone. And while some of her updates may seem waffle-y, they are sure to provoke thoughts and as a result, ideas. If not, she discusses some really useful topics such as freelancing tips, debut author tips, and generally offers insight into the life of a full-time writer.

Girls Night In

This newsletter is based upon the ideology of self-care, and that, the busier life gets – especially during a quarter-life crisis – taking time to check in with yourself is a vitality.  With mental health issues rising and increasing loneliness, this seed of joy is just what you need in your inbox every Friday. Girls Night In is built upon cultivating safe, fun environments where it feels like you’re reading an update from a friend, taking their advice, and feeling generally a little better about the chaotic world around us. 

girl reading newsletter in laptop computer while holding a latteThe Morning Brew

Probably the most news newsletter of them all, The Morning Brew gives you very up-to-date news updates. While we fuel our creativity, it’s important to stay informed about what’s happening in the world around us. It informs you about news stories you haven’t heard yet and lets you know what’s new with other on-going cases, all the while rattling it off in easily digestible bite-size amounts, bullet points, and links to the bigger picture. It’s a much-needed informant that arrives in your inbox every day. 

Smarter Living by the New York Times 

When it comes to the esteemed New York Times, you can be sure you’re signing up to the best of the best. Their Smarter-Living Newsletter is original, helpful, and insightful. They offer advice about matters such as organizing your wardrobe, becoming a morning person, to finding apartments in new cities. While it isn’t brimming with creative inspiration, it offers organizational tips and life hacks, and a smarter, better, more fulfilling life is a sure-fire step toward success. 

Tapped Out

My very own monthly newsletter, Tapped Out, is filled with musings, recommendations, recipes, and news stories I’ve been thinking about. It has been designed for when you’re feeling a little spent, in every meaning of the word, and need a little pick-me-up. It’s normal, in the hustle and bustle of our society to feel tapped out, and this newsletter is here to reinvigorate and enliven you. 

The Quarter-life Crisis Newsletter

Last but by no means least, is Clever-ish’s very own Newsletter. Whether you’re worried about your career or finances or other quarter-life anxieties and stressors that are common amongst our generation, and it’s vital to remember that you are not alone. This weekly newsletter tackles important topics and conversation and offers you comfort, perspective, and insight, typical stressors of our day-to-day. On top of soothing your quarter-life anxieties, the newsletter also keeps you up to date with the newest and most relevant articles in the Magazine. Sign up here

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