The Beamish Brothers on Staying True to their Acoustic Roots and Songwriting


The Beamish Brothers - Cleverish Magazine
Ben and Jeremy Beamish// Photo Credit: The Beamish Brothers

It’s was on a beautiful spring evening in the South of Spain that I first heard the music of The Beamish Brothers. Their performance had parked a considerable crowd and getting to the front to see the faces behind the ambient acoustic music was no small feat, but I prevailed. After the performance, I had a brief but memorable conversation with the brothers Ben and Jeremy who make up the band. We talked about their music, their travel/tour through Spain, and a lot more. After regrettably making a “Ben and Jerry” joke :), I was on my way with a lasting impression, and deep satisfaction that I had found a favorite new artist with quality music I was sure will spice up my playlist.

The Beamish Brothers born in Brisbane Australia, have no intention of being another random new act in music. At a young age, they are carving a path for themselves with songwriting and a defined sound that’s worth paying attention to. Their music embodies the raw and authentic musings of their passionate and creative minds and is already leaving an indelible mark with their growing fanbase and in the industry.

Read my interview with them below!

What are your backgrounds?

Jeremy: We were both raised in a musical household. Our Mum is an opera singer, and our Dad is a jingle-writer, so music is always something that we’ve been able to share. As we grew up, Ben studied guitar and I became obsessed with singing!

The Beamish Brothers - Cleverish Magazine
Photo Credit: The Beamish Brothers

How did you both get started in music?

Ben: I think it all grew very organically. At some point, we decided it could be a fun thing to do to post covers on YouTube. It took us years of casually posting snippets on social media before we tried writing originals, but once we did, we were hooked. After we were both out of high school, we both committed to pursuing music full time and never looked back.

Where do you draw inspiration from when you write your music?

Jeremy: For us, every original comes from a completely different place. Sometimes it feels just like pouring out everything from our heads into a song, almost like therapy. Other times, it’s just a matter of setting out to write a certain kind of song, like giving ourselves a brief. Both of us have a massive bank of lyrics and melodies which we accumulate on our phone. So whenever an idea hits us, we immediately save it for a day when we can sift through and make sense of it!

How would you describe your music?

Jeremy: Our music sits in the realm of alternative pop music. We try to stay true to our acoustic roots with Ben’s guitar and our harmonies while adding in a bunch of cool production elements to spice it up a bit. These days we’ve had the best time experimenting with exotic instruments, gospel choirs, and jazz chords while still keeping it sounding like us.

Do you play any instruments?

Ben: Yep! We both sing, I play guitar and Jeremy plays piano, flute and some percussion.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Ben: Our biggest challenge has probably been learning that the music industry is a money-based business like any other. It took us a long time to realize that it’s not necessarily as simple as creating music, putting it out and hoping for the best. It was also a learning curve to understand that not everyone is actually trying to help us. There are dodgy people in every work environment and music is no exception!

The Beamish Brothers - Cleverish Magazine
Photo Credit: The Beamish Brothers


Are you pursuing anything else besides your music, i.e. school, another creative career, etc?Jeremy: Music is definitely our number 1, but we’re lucky enough that we have a few projects going at the same time. We sometimes write for producers and other artists and occasionally do gigs as soloists.

Are you working on any new projects (musical or otherwise) right now?

Ben: We have a new project which we’ve been working on for the last few months but can’t quite say exactly what yet! New music is definitely on the way though!

Who are your musical influences/favorite artists?

Jeremy: So many! Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Odette, Daniel Caesar, Noah Kahan, H.E.R., Tori Kelly, Dylan Joel, Dean Lewis and way more.

Where can people find your music?

Ben: Just search The Beamish Brothers into Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or pretty much anywhere!

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