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The Exorcism of Sexism

E   United States (Random day 2015) It was a beautiful evening on a perfect summer day. My friends and me, like most friend groups, couldn’t come to an easy consensus on…

Summer TV Shows You Should Watch

7 Summer TV Shows To Binge Watch

Thanks to summer TV shows we can now have year round excellent TV. The networks have been stepping up their game with some good shows that are bound to keep you entertained…

The best of Coachella fashion and street style

The Best of Coachella Fashion and Street Style

Coachella 2017 is currently going on and for those of us who can’t be there, we can live vicariously through pictures. These are some of the best of Coachella fashion and street style. ♥

How to Style Fishnet Tights fo

Fishnet tights are officially in– they have made their re-appearance in the fashion scene starting Fall/Winter 2016. And probably like many of you, I was looking at celebrity pictures and wondering if…