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Sully GravitySully Gravity

What does it mean to listen to R&B music? What does it mean to listen to music that’s been inspired by soul? I may never know but I came quite close to finding out after listening to Lessons by Sully Gravity. Every now and then, amidst the plethora of music filling the airwaves, blasting mindlessly through our computer speakers, or unceremoniously seeping through our headphones as we head out in our day, there is that one song that gets you to be still and makes everything else pause.

This first single by Soul, RnB, and Gospel-inspired artist Sully Gravity is a song that takes you back to a place of conscious listening and awakens a deep appreciation of the art of music. It has an effortless but intentional rhythm with lyrics that reflect the deep authenticity and passion of its writer, Sully. His first single shows a refreshing experimentality in defining his niche and style and I can only wait in anticipation of what comes next. Occasionally, if you are lucky, you get the chance to latch on to an artist that goes on to change the game. James Bay, Emeli Sande (who Sully identifies as one of his influencers), Daniel Caesar to mention a few. I have no hesitation to put Sully Gravity in this line up as well.

Listening to the high and low notes sway effortlessly between each other to create a melodious rendering of his profound lyrics. Perfect pitch, excellent tones, vocal veneration, sounds that feel like melted chocolate for your ears. To put it more clearly, this boy can sing.

Artist Spotlight - Sully Gravity - Clever-ish Magazine
Sully in the Studio

And he can write too. A current student of Creative Musicianship at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), Sully is currently based in London. Born in Valencia, Spain to Nigerian Parents, he started singing at age six and hasn’t slowed down since. He started by joining his church choir and has gone on to do so many other interesting music projects that have all culminated in his first single: Lessons. When I asked what inspired this song, he attests to his desire to inspire and provide hope. In his words; “Lessons comes from my need of giving myself and others hope, in the sense that life is not easy, but giving up is the easy path”.

This music brought me joy and a deep appreciation of the art and talent behind it and I know it will for you too. Listen on Spotify or Soundcloud below, add it to your playlist, be inspired.

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