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We are as passionate about writing, lifestyle, beauty, and photography as you are about $1 Tacos. Below is a summary of what to expect on CLEVER-ISH. Every page has been uniquely crafted and created with great intention and passion.

Candid Expressions of Thought. We’ll give you interesting takes on social issues, politics, the economy, and society and the culture all around us. So expect to see personal essays, “clever-ish” takes on current events, fiction, non-fiction, feature stories, and poetry. Contributions are welcome!

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For the love of fashion, style, beauty, food, travel, DIY and healthy-ish living. Stay up to date on fashion and beauty trends, get dating advice from single people, get health tips, be inspired!

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Visual storytelling at its best! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photo story is worth tens of thousands. Broaden your perspective through the lens of talented photographers.

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 Welcome to the land of uncertainties called the early to late-twenties. Here we discuss all the things that make twenty-somethings tick and try to tackle all the questions we constantly ask ourselves.